The Workout

Slow-Motion, High-Intensity Weight Training



It sounds too good to be true—a private, once-a-week, 25-minute full-body strength workout. Just you and a trainer in a low-key workout studio.

You have probably discovered that we lose muscle as we get older, and if we don't replace the muscle, it is naturally replaced with fat. Weight training has been proven to help reverse the process, as well as increase metabolism, bone density, cardiovascular function, glucose tolerance, and balance.

The Workout Garage program is probably not like any you've ever done. Our "slow-motion, high-intensity" weight training is not new; it was developed at the University of Florida School of Medicine in the early eighties. With this workout the major muscles and core are worked deeply and thoroughly. So much so that it only needs to be done once a week. The muscles reach maximum exertion in a very short amount of time by slowly lifting and lowering (slow-motion) the weight load without pausing between repetitions (high-intensity).

It's perfect for busy adults and an excellent program for seniors. Owner and trainer Jeff Grossman customizes each session to each individual's ability and ensures proper form for a controlled and effective workout. 

Schedule an introductory session to learn if this is the right workout for you.


The Workout Garage

A PRIVATE Workout studio IN Pacific Palisades


No pulsing music. No juice bar. No social scene. The Workout Garage is all about a focused, core-strengthening, one-on-one full-body workout. Our slow-motion, high-intensity workouts are done on top-quality weight machines and customized to each individual, and any physical limitations are taken into consideration. (We have clients with hip replacements and knee replacements.) Each session consists of single sets of continuous motion reps on each of The Workout Garage's "Big 5" weight machines. Our no-distraction sessions last about 25 minutes and need to be done only once a week.  

The Workout Studio is in a former garage behind a home located in Pacific Palisades. Access is easy from Santa Monica and Malibu. Scheduling is flexible and sessions are usually available 7 days a week.


Jeff Grossman

Owner and Trainer

"I have been doing this workout for over 2 years, and I have never been hurt or skipped a session because I didn't feel like doing it. (It's only 25 minutes!) I am in better shape now than I was in my twenties. I'm not ripped and buff, but I am lean and strong. I was 70 when I started, and I have more than doubled my upper and lower body strength. My stomach has never been so firm. My 65-years-young wife started when I did, and she is fit and toned...she looks better than she did when we got married!" — Jeff Grossman

Jeff Grossman is certified as a Personal Trainer by the American Council on Exercise. He is also certified to specifically conduct slow-motion, high-intensity weight training sessions. He regularly trains about 30 clients every week. Contact Jeff at The Workout Garage


Client Testimonials


"Jeff is patient and professional, and his obvious dedication to his clients and their long-term health makes all the difference."

"When I first learned about Jeff Grossman and his slow-motion, high-intensity weight training, I had a hard time believing it. Just 25 minutes once a week? Really? Tell me more! His generous introductory offer made it cost-effective for me to see whether I liked it. And I really liked it. I'm seeing great results in terms of my strength, flexibility, posture, and sense of accomplishment. I look forward to our sessions, and I give them my all. Like with so many things, it’s amazing to see how much can be accomplished by consistent focused effort. Jeff is patient and professional, and his obvious dedication to his clients and their long-term health makes all the difference."  — Sharon C. from Santa Monica

"I always feel like I’m getting a really effective workout in a very efficient amount of time."

"I love slow-motion weight training, because I always feel like I’m getting a really effective workout in a very efficient amount of time. In a mere 25 minutes once a week you are working out all your major muscles groups and building core strength at the same time. I’m thrilled that Jeff has opened his private studio and that I have all the benefits of being trained by him in a focused and supportive manner."  — Tamara R. from Pacific Palisades

"Jeff's workout is such an asset for our middle-aged bodies."

"Jeff's workout is such an asset for our middle-aged bodies. If you are looking to retain and build lean muscle mass in a very effective way that doesn't take a lot of time out of your schedule, I highly suggest his training. His passion, expertise and care will inspire you to stay strong and healthy!" — Christina B. from Malibu

"...the results have honestly been much better than I expected."

"I am a local senior who was recovering from cancer a little over a year ago. I had lost a lot of weight and was extremely weak. Jeff assured me that "slow-motion, high-intensity weight training" would be safe and effective. I have been doing the workouts for over a year and the results have honestly been much better than I expected. I am stronger now than my pre-cancer days. Also, 25 minutes once a week is a routine I have been able to stick with." — Cathy R. from Pacific Palisades

"...the best part is that I know I am doing something good for myself."

“I am a 67 year-old man who has exercised somewhat reluctantly even though I know about the need and the benefits of regular exercise. My wife has been doing Jeff’s program for over a year and has been urging me to give it a try. I really resisted for a long time but finally decided to go for it. I find that I actually look forward to it and am constantly challenging myself to do better. 25 minutes, once a week. And the best part is that I know I am doing something good for myself.” — Ruben R. from Pacific Palisades

"I’m definitely stronger, and I enjoy the challenge of the workouts."

“I’ve been working with Jeff for about six months now. Prior to that, I would occasionally perform some physical task, and get the feeling that I wasn’t as strong as I used to be. Lately, I find that I perform a task and realize that’s easier than it used to be. I’m definitely stronger, and I enjoy the challenge of the workouts." — Mike B. from Palisades



Contact Jeff at Workout Garage


Email Jeff Grossman at or call 424-237-4130 for all inquiries and to schedule an introductory session. The Workout Garage is located in the Alphabet Streets in Pacific Palisades. 



Each session is a private, individually-coached, 25-minute full-body workout on high-quality weight machines specifically designed for slow-motion, high-intensity weight training. 

Introductory Session: $45  75 minutes to learn about and experience a slow-motion, high-intensity workout and make sure it is right for you. (Waived if you purchase any package).

Package Options:

1 month/4 Sessions      $240  |  $60/session

2 months/8 Sessions    $432  |  $54/session (10% discount)

3 months/12 Sessions   $600 |  $50/session (15% discount)

If you refer someone who buys a package, you will receive one free session.