Resistance Training: Metabolic Magic

Excerpts from an article entitled, “Resistance Training: Metabolic Magic”, which appeared in the May, 2019, American Council on Exercise monthly “Fitness Journal” magazine.

• Research in the past few years has confirmed that lifting weights changes human metabolism in ways that improve health and well-being.

• Resistance exercise also improves resting metabolic rate and cardiorespiratory fitness.

• Losing muscle mass increases the risk of developing obesity-associated insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes.

• Importantly, resistance training decreases A1c levels in diabetic adults at any age.

• Researchers concluded that a total of two or three sessions per week, with a combination of weight training and aerobic training, appeared to do the most good for managing or lowering blood pressure (if elevated).

• In a 10-week study, a group that did aerobic exercises saw improvements in cholesterol markers, but these gains were not nearly as notable as those seen in a weight training group.

Increasing muscle size and strength has numerous positive implications, including lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels and improving insulin sensitivity, lipid profiles, cardiovascular function and body composition.

The scientific message is clear: Lift weights, build muscle and improve your quality of life.